Ricardo Junqueiro, Lawyer

Responsibility and competition

It is important to underline that more powers and heavier sanctions bring more responsibility. The only way to exercise this responsibility is with transparency.

Trump again?

The rumors about Trump's "early death" are clearly exaggerated. George Soros recently anticipated that Trump will announce a vaccine for Covid-19 before the election. Maybe I'm right.

#freefortnite: new platforms, old problems

Epic wants to pay a lower commission. Apple and Google do not do without the 30%. The problem is that, on these matters, the EU competition authorities have avoided intervening.

Open the door to censorship?

Legitimizing policies of “monitoring of discourse”, today under the pretext of combating racism, with what argument will we combat them tomorrow, when what we want to monitor is another type of discourse?

Next Generation EU

Of all the times when it could have been hit by a crisis of this magnitude, the European Union is fortunate (or worthy) to have a Commission President like Ursula.

“Whatever it takes - Part 2”

The German TC ruling has been seen as a “shot in the heart” of the principle of the supremacy of Union law and as an “oxygen balloon” for the legal and political battles of Eurosceptic countries.
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