Ricardo Leite Pinto, University Professor

Hate speech or hate speech?

The USA is the country where the topic of hate speech has been most discussed. And that's where we find the most reasonable solutions.

Return to life

There is an exhibition that brings together extraordinary names at the Portuguese Center of Surrealism, a unique institution in the country. A pretext for distrusting and returning to life.


There is an urgent need to lower alarm levels. At the next press conference, just give two pieces of news, one bad and one good: we are all going to die; the overwhelming majority will not die from Covid-19 ...

The Independent Manager

We have to recognize that the situation is bizarre. But it is not new. It is moreover common in French politics. Specialists in this and that are commissioned by the President of the Republic to devise a certain strategy or prepare certain studies. And the result is usually bad.


The idea of ​​politics as a circus has always been present in public opinion since the dawn of representative democracy and today, with the exploration of emotional immediacy, it remains on the agenda.

Some bigger myths

This crisis divides people into two groups: civil servants and everyone else, the majority. The former are afraid of the virus, the latter are afraid of the future without work and food on the table.
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