Ricardo Leite Pinto, University Professor

Trumpet costumes

Trump's strategy is a fantasy like many that he has tried to spread over the past four painful years in the American presidency.

Universal conspiracy

In balancing fundamental rights with other no less fundamental goods, such as public health, the former can and must be sacrificed momentarily to the latter.

Eight months of Covid

It will be said that the strategy is to have no strategy and so we can accommodate step by step the solutions to be taken. But that will require a lot of “Swedish” civility.

Russian roulette

The raison d'être of the creation of the US Electoral College made some sense in the XNUMXth century. But with the strengthening of the Union, it has become an anti-democratic anomaly.

The lie

A large percentage of politicians habitually lie and those who are more averse to lying have less electoral success. This is the conclusion of a study carried out in Spain.

Guilt lives married… with the Law

Possibly, not all entities involved will have done their homework on time.
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