Ricardo Sant'Ana Moreira, Researcher in Labor and Social Security

10 moments when Ventura imitated Trump

If we have already 'seen this film', we know the dangers to democracy and we know how it ends, we have an obligation not to fall into the trap.

On the beauty of killing fascists

I went to the theater and left in awe. Because we rarely see a piece asking so many questions, let alone asking questions for which we have no answer.

Lisbon: a budget that provides answers

There are criticisms to point to Fernando Medina's budget. Even so, it is a municipal budget that does not forget the social crisis, which is the result of an agreement between the Bloc and the PS, and which takes the response to the pandemic as a priority.

Save Casa do Alentejo, commerce and restaurants in Lisbon

Since March there are no customers, summer was not half what it should have been and Christmas may not even happen. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 111 stores in downtown Lisbon have closed.

Does it make sense to take tougher measures without strengthening the NHS?

If the private sector continues to see its bill increased to the State, it is because we are taking resources from the public response. The NHS needs human, financial and material reinforcement.

Homeless: what are we doing to save lives?

A coordination commission was announced to develop the national strategy to fight poverty with important names. Hopefully after elaborating, the strategy comes out of the drawer.
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