Ricardo Sant'Ana Moreira, Researcher in Labor and Social Security

Covid-19 and public transport: what do we know?

The structural problems associated with the increase in Covid-19 cases are identified: poverty, precariousness and lack of public transport.

How poverty hit us in three months

The step taken by Parliament last week, in approving the extraordinary unemployment and cessation allowance, is crucial to combat inequalities.

Why haven't kindergartens been tested?

Why did the 19 daycare professionals test, but didn't the same criteria apply to kindergarten professionals?

Pantheon of the gods of humor: Bruno Nogueira, Herman José, Raúl Solnado

The question is not, never has been, whether the radio died, whether television is gone or whether social networks are the future, the question is humor and how it is born, always new and different, even in times of fear.

Father, teacher, teleworker

People need security in their lives and the Government must guarantee that security and refuse the austerity that the European Union seems to want to bring back.

Lisbon markets are reborn in the pandemic

Small traders in markets and local businesses keep their jobs and pay taxes in Portugal, contributing to the common good. An example of resistance and reinvention.
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