Ruben Pires

PremiumSupplementary Budget divides company representatives

CPPME argues that credit lines should directly support entrepreneurs. ACIF says that increased spending is important to keep companies open.

PremiumMadeiran company integrates international event on fintech

The event, organized by Azerbaijan, debates innovation in the sector.

Madeira wants to reinforce its commitment to diversifying the economy

Madeira should allocate between 14 and 15 million euros for diversification in the economy and support for tradable goods for export, next year, admits the president of the Regional Government. Miguel Albuquerque says that money is well spent because it allows for expanding productive capacity and competitiveness.

PremiumParties ask for more European funds for Madeira and Azores

Parties with a seat in the Madeira Assembly consider that an additional 35 million euros of community funds do not meet needs.

Albuquerque on coalition in municipalities: “we will make the necessary understandings within a framework of political negotiation”

When asked about the possibility that the PSD and CDS-PP, which were coalitions in the Government of Madeira, would be linked in the municipal elections, in Madeira, in all municipalities, Albuquerque said that at this time this is a “no matter” and that it will “Take care of everything in due time”.

Madeira has registered 29 positive cases of coronavirus since the airport reopened. 13 were in the last six days

Since July 1, Madeira has gone from 92 to 121 positive cases of coronavirus. Autonomous region has 23 active cases.
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