Safaa Dib, Businesswoman

Leave no one behind

The far right has undermined recent demonstrations by the catering sector. A sign that the drag of the pandemic has stirred up the most basic populisms, which are betting on the instrumentalization of despair and impotence.

Disunited States of America

There are reforms that have to be done. If the next President of the United States chooses to keep everything the same, then the dismantling of democracy by advances in populism is just a matter of time.

Where are the 'mad men' of politics going?

The focus now must be on overcoming the pandemic without it imploding our health services and the economy. For this, good communication can be a great asset.

In-room cinema is an endangered species

The coming times will be of great technological and digital reformulation in the way we consume cinema, and more. Hopefully, this new world is not limited to the four walls of our homes.

“1984” as a warning for 2020

How different is the essence of the control portrayed in Orwell's work from what has been done today in terms of spreading disinformation and historical revisionism?

A succession of Arab springs

The Lebanese's legendary resilience cannot be used as a pretext for authorities and leaders to escape, once again, from their responsibilities.
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