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Do you have a bank account that you don't use? See if you're losing money

Over time, you may stop using and even forget about any of these accounts. Did you know that you may be losing money by having an inactive bank account? Find out why.

Are you going to sell a house? Find out how much you will have to pay for capital gains

If you are thinking of selling your home, know that the profit you make from the sale of a property will never be all for you, since a part is subject to IRS: they are called “real estate gains”. Find out everything in this article.

Divorce: Step by step to deal with the process

Learn all about the divorce, its modalities and how to start this process.

5 steps to prepare personal finances for a home loan

With Euribor and housing credit spreads falling, many families are considering buying a home. Check out the five steps to ensure that your personal finances are prepared to make this important financial commitment.

Online purchases withheld at customs? Learn how to treat

Did you make an online purchase from outside the European Union and get stuck in customs? In addition to bureaucracies, you may incur additional costs to clear customs. In this article we explain to you the reasons why these orders are retained and also how to proceed with customs clearance.

Did the bank decline your credit application? Know what to do

If you have been refused credit, we advise you to investigate and understand why the financial institution made such a decision.
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