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Retirement Certificates: what are they and how to subscribe?

Investing for retirement is something that should start early, as it is a long-term investment and will probably only benefit from 65 years of age. Among the possible alternatives for this type of savings, there are Retirement Certificates. Find out everything about this financial product.

Inheritances: Five steps to receive goods and deal with bureaucracy

Losing a loved one is painful, but, emotions aside, there are many bureaucracies to deal with when a situation like this happens, mainly related to inheritance. See how to facilitate this process and the steps to take to get your share and make sure that the sharing of assets is done correctly.

How to donate a house in life and maintain its enjoyment?

Imagine that you want to donate your home to a family member, but you want to continue to live in that dwelling as long as you are alive, safeguarding your right to reside in it - that is what a declaration of usufruct is for. Find out, in this article, everything you need to know about donation with usufruct reservation and how to proceed.

How to make a donation of goods?

Donations of living assets can be a way to avoid future conflicts between heirs. However, many questions usually arise: can all types of goods be donated? Do donations pay taxes? How is a donation made? This article clarifies all these doubts.

This is the best way to make a will

Find out what a will consists of and how you can do it to make it duly stipulated, in writing, who inherits what and to avoid future conflicts between loved ones.

12 battery saving tips on your phone

Do you always have to carry your cell phone charger in the back because the battery doesn't last a day? It's time to make small changes to your phone to save battery power. Discover these 12 easy-to-implement tips that we have put together for you.
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