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Everything you should know about consolidated credit

This is a credit that aims to settle others, leaving the consumer with a single installment, before a single credit institution.

Do you know how much you pay the bank on abusive commissions? There is a simulator that helps in calculating

The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection tells you how much you will overpay if the law on credit processing fees does not change in the meantime.

Will you purchase a credit card through digital banking? Know your rights

Before purchasing the card, the bank must, through the standardized information sheet (FIN), provide all information about the credit card's characteristics.

Portuguese who do not reside in the country also have access to bank moratoriums

Families who have not yet joined the moratorium, but who intend to do so, must communicate their intention to the institutions by June 30, 2020

Parliament votes proposals for pensioners to receive overcharged IRS

Taxpayers penalized by the IRS for pension delays may be reimbursed by Finance. Three bills will be voted on in parliament this Friday to allow for the correction of the income statement retroactively, up to a limit of five years.

How to prove the drop in income to avoid cuts in electricity, water, gas or telecommunications?

Families that have a decrease in income, related to this pandemic, will not be affected by cuts in essential services such as water, electricity and telecommunications until September 30. Learn how to prove this loss of income.
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