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Do you think you overpay IMI? You still have to ask for a new home appraisal

The request is free, made through IMI Model 1, which can be submitted through the Finance Portal or delivered to a finance office, and must be preceded by a simulation. "If you do not enter the services by that date, the new assessment will have no effect on the IMI payable in 2021, only in the following year", warns Deco.

Euribor rates fall on all terms and to new three- and 12-month minimums

On April 23, the six-month Euribor rose to -0,114%, the current high since at least January 2015.

Debt interest falls to five and ten years to lows since November

Interest on Portuguese debt this Friday was falling in all terms compared to Thursday, and at five and 10 years it has fallen to lows since November 2019, in line with those of Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy. At 08:30 am in Lisbon, interest for 10 years fell to 0,183%, a minimum since […]

Euribor drops to new 12-month low and rises to three and six months 

The three-month Euribor also advanced this Tuesday, to -0,505%, plus 0,004 points, after having dropped yesterday to -0,509%, the current low ever.

Customers who do not want to prolong default arrears have to inform bank until today

Customers who have signed up to the moratorium are automatically covered, except when they inform the bank that they do not want to, having to do so until this Sunday, September 20th.

Installment of the house falls for contracts with Euribor for three and six months

In the case of a customer with a loan of 150 thousand euros over 30 years, indexed to Euribor for six months with a spread of 1%, this pays from September 453,12 euros, which means less 5,27, XNUMX euros compared to the last revision of the provision, in March, according to the simulation of Deco and Dinheiro & Rights.
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