Sérgio Dundão, Researcher

“Innocent” citizens and “rascal” politicians

In this sense, it would be easier, for example, to state that Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany, even before the installation of the Nazi regime, did not result from an electoral choice of German citizens. In fact, it was a choice of citizens who participated in the election of a dictator responsible for the deaths of millions of Germans.

Chronicle of a death announced in Moscavide

Perhaps the greatest justice is in trying to understand why we pretend that a problem that is visible to everyone does not exist and we deny any attempt to reflect on it.

The era of hate on social media

Today, social networks are spaces for attacks and the consecration of political enmities, particularly in relation to minority groups that claim their rights.

Confined and consumerists

The internet asserted itself as the new arena for overcoming the crisis of capitalist production and prevented (or did it just postpone?) A new economic and social revolution.

The glorification of teleworking and the end of the sphere of intimacy

The 'teleworking' solution makes an existence without work in the modern era impossible, this being the ontology of life in modernity and a path with no return for the subjects of our time.

The novel of Angolan politics

The old habits of the past and the culture rooted in the Edwardian nobility did not allow us to understand that the new political meta-narrative forced the main actor to go beyond the staged lines.
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