Sofia Afonso Ferreira, Founder of Democracia21

A government that does not serve the country

Civil requisition will be another savage measure to overcome bad management where it would be enough to plan and protocol with private health services.

Does a budget that does not serve the left nor the right serve the country?

Once again, no change in the levels of the IRS is enshrined in OE2021, an incomprehensible decision. Only withholding tax will be lower, but this will not mean tax relief.

The big blow

PS and PSD changed the Municipal Elections law and advanced to the plan to increase parishes to 3.692, 600 more than the existing ones. The strike continues.

Smells like narrative

The current state of the right does not allow it to act as a strong opposition. What exists is an amalgamation of weak voices and the picture can only change if the leaders are replaced.

A democratic alternative for the country

The democratic alternative can only exist by bringing together various political forces and society on a common front. In the current scenario, that front should be created by bringing together parties without a parliamentary seat constituted a force in terms of program and votes that can compete as a third political force.

They do not govern or let govern

PS and PSD want to wipe the independents, groups of citizens, movements, harm small parties and regain power by consolidating their power as main parties.
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