Sofia Afonso Ferreira, Founder of Democracia21

A democratic alternative for the country

The democratic alternative can only exist by bringing together various political forces and society on a common front. In the current scenario, that front should be created by bringing together parties without a parliamentary seat constituted a force in terms of program and votes that can compete as a third political force.

They do not govern or let govern

PS and PSD want to wipe the independents, groups of citizens, movements, harm small parties and regain power by consolidating their power as main parties.

What country do we want to leave to our politicians?

The Portuguese have a keen sense of responsibility. The speed with which they organized and made complex decisions regarding the pandemic is an example of this.

The first vacation of the rest of our lives

According to the OE 2020, the capital gains in the AL ended only for those who move to the long-term rental market. There is an urgent need for a law that allows greater flexibility for owners.

The era of public lynching has opened

Cristina Ferreira upsets many people. He didn't just change SIC for TVI, he now holds a stake in the company's share capital, and that's the real news.

It smells bad, it smells like Lisbon

A management for tourism and to please the extreme left and not for the people of Lisbon or for the best for the capital. Lisbon deserved better.
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