Sofia Vale, Economist, Professor at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

2021, odyssey in Europe

In the aftermath of the first results of the crisis, it is a given that the key to recovery is the use of massive fiscal and fiscal policies, linked to the intervention of the ECB's unconventional monetary policy.

The pandemic and the symbiosis between the global and the local

The requirement to send the population to its small universe of shelter - the house and its neighborhood - while shortening the digital distance to maintain a productive activity dominated by the services sector, was a prerogative of the pandemic. Getting too far, without being able to get away from too close, had the effect of directing capital to strategic sectors where concentration trends were already evident.

Inequality, the Achilles heel of growth

Inequality is the biggest recent threat to economic growth. In order to recover a sustained growth rhythm, it will be necessary to return to the principles of the 'Welfare State', putting the correction of inequality at the forefront.

Health and economy: a 'trade-off'?

The balance between economy and health is a delicate one, but a robust health sector requires a strong economy. Letting the economy crumble today, will be paid in time with the collapse of health.

United States: east of paradise

America has regressed by leaps and bounds. The liberal capitalist model of the last four decades has led the architect of the free market to economic and above all social disruption, accentuating his latent conflicts.

The praise of economic policy

The savings paradox has a negative effect on the economy, jeopardizing its growth. In this sense, it is up to the State to counter this hoarding behavior.
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