Sofia Vale, Economist, Professor at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

The future of work: 'robot eye'?

In the imagined future, the worker would be replaced by robots, in reality it is being installed, as part of a virtual platform, workers replace the robot.

OE 2021: there is no more state

A message remains in this OE2021: to build, in the short or long term, the country needs State intervention. Too bad this perspective is so timid.

Back to the future of public school

The public school requires a complex investment that involves physical capital, but also and especially people and that, like all investments, takes time to consolidate and generate returns.

The unsustainable lightness of wages

The recent and accentuated development of tourism is one of the exponents of this paradigm and, to be honest, it was, until the Covid-19 crisis, an important vector of the economic recovery, mitigating the effects of the financial crisis and especially of the subsequent recessive measures .

In search of lost inflation

Accepting inflation implies recognizing that there are other priorities at the current juncture, such as employment and growth. It is to accept that it will be necessary to support the economy for an indefinite period.

Covid-19, the time to correct income distribution

There is an urgent need to reverse the process of inequality that was accentuated in Portuguese society with the previous financial crisis and which hinders its current capacity for recovery.
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