Vanda Guerra, Consultant

He never ceases to surprise ... always in the negative!

I don't understand if António Costa has a problem of perception and interpretation of his surroundings or if he is even spraying for us Portuguese. Unfortunately, I feel that the second is the right option.

Onward in New York

Financial income for the PCP cannot be more important than the salary of Portuguese families. Or rather, they shouldn't be, but we are tired of knowing that one thing is what they say, another is what they do.

Public utility, they say

Why shouldn't the parties and the Church pay taxes? The argument is that they are of "public utility" ... That is our taxes, which reach unreasonable values ​​in order to subsidize a very heavy state.

A week in “tugolândia”

Are there any doubts that Novo Banco is a bottomless hole that will cost us more than its bankruptcy and has set a dangerous precedent?

We are so stupid… it's easy after all!

The only thing that grows in Portugal is the tax burden. And the state. The weight of the state. The state's crony. The family that gets confused with the State.

Fanaticism, yes, but of poverty

Since when does an airline have to exist at all costs? Over the years I have seen companies like Varig, SwissAir, Sabena or Alitália fail and I have no idea that Brazil, Switzerland, Belgium or Italy have suffered any setbacks with these disappearances.
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