Vanda Guerra, Consultant

Why do we complain?

Even the obedient speak, ask, question these measures, which are not coherent, loose and difficult to understand. Wouldn't it be better to review the form and content of the communication?

What is Covid hiding?

Covid arrived at the right moment for a Government that takes full advantage of it to frighten the population and thus, step by step, take over the institutions.

Racism, gender and etc and such

It is not by imposing ideologies that we achieve the objective, which is equal rights and opportunities between human beings. Imposition creates opposition.

Covid's strength

Apparently, in Portugal the poor do not want to get better, they mainly want those who have more than them to be like them. They forget that the state is supported by everyone's taxes.

He never ceases to surprise ... always in the negative!

I don't understand if António Costa has a problem of perception and interpretation of his surroundings or if he is even spraying for us Portuguese. Unfortunately, I feel that the second is the right option.

Onward in New York

Financial income for the PCP cannot be more important than the salary of Portuguese families. Or rather, they shouldn't be, but we are tired of knowing that one thing is what they say, another is what they do.
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