Vera de Melo Gouveia, Educational Sciences

The crab, or the Azorean version of contraption

They don't want to know each other, but they promise to understand each other if Chega moderates and PSD gets radicalized. Both bet on modifying the other in a marriage of convenience in which they cohabit, but they are not family.

The Distance School distances us from the School

Learning should not be conceptualized as a response to stimuli, nor as a mere processing of passive information absorption, but rather an active process that is critically appropriate by the student.

Whenever possible and… preferably

Climate change is not right-wing or left-wing and sustainability is not a primer, it is a necessity. But, in my view, so is tolerance and respect for others.

Citizenship and common sense

For a long time, the School and the teacher have gradually been assigned multiple missions that go beyond instruction. The School, in turn, protects itself and disperses with paperwork.

My problem is not staying at home

The risk is managed by proximity criteria, not by political decisions when one wants to legitimize the (in) ability to overcome constraints.