Victor Norinha

PremiumFiat 500 X Sport. The little crossover that is a big car

With remarkable engine efficiency, unusual aerodynamics and unmatched stability for a small five-door crossover, the Fiat 500 X Sport has unconditional fans.

Country without margin

How can it be explained that EDP, a company always concerned with social issues, does not present a solution to reduce the amount of energy to be paid by all customers?

All against Ventura

It was the parties in the governance arc that infiltrated and dominated universities, the media, from commentators to businessmen and decision-makers, and who, in practice, are responsible for the rise of extremes.

What to expect in 2021

The title is recurring at this point, but 2021 will certainly be different and it is not just the impact of the pandemic.

PremiumPeugeot 5008: Leo ends the year in a big way

The brand brand manager, Jorge Tomé, stressed that the product “wants to be a reference”.

The end of the year trilogy

Externally, Prime Minister António Costa will be reinforced, because he has the problem of the "bazooka" of European funds unlocked.
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