Victor Norinha

PremiumCGD and BCP secure about 40% of the 275 million loan to the Resolution Fund

Seven banks will participate in the loan, depending on the market share. CGD and BCP will be able to loan 115 million euros.

Are companies villains?

The pandemic cannot be used to make politics, so the announcement of the mandatory 'app' should be joint with all parties in the governance arc.

The electrified launches of 2020 and 2021

The electrification offensive is running all brands. Hybrid, plug-in-hybrid and 100% electric will be available for fleets and individuals.

TdC and the return to the future

Apparently, in the high magistracy of State institutions, those who become too inconvenient and make unpleasant decisions for the Government have their place at risk.

Homes for the middle class and property management are the opportunities

In a period of crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, developers and managers linked to real estate, however, maintain high expectations. The drawback is in taxes and in the time it takes for licensing.

Weight of individuals in renting increased during the pandemic

If large companies preferred to extend contracts, in SMEs the reduction in business was clear, while private individuals reinforced renting, says Oliveira Martins, vice president of ALF.
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