Victor Norinha

Leiria wants to be a hub for companies that invest in digital transformation

Rui Pedrosa, president of the Polytechnic of Leiria, in this area the R&D area and the fact that the companies in the region associated with the Polytechnic have projects related to cybersecurity, AI, IoT and 5G. Leiria also has a new technology-based business center at the north top of the stadium.

António Poças: “30% of the GDP of the Leiria region results from exports”

The Leiria region has industry and technological transformation in its DNA. Molds, glass and civil construction are major industries, but services marked by digitalization are beginning to gain ground.

Rio: not worth everything

Rio wants Costa to exhaust all options on the far left with the new 'contraption' and turn to his PSD as a central bloc solution for the last three years of the legislature.

We lack 'accountability' in the economy

Where do the funds go? Will we have more state in the economy, the option of the parties to the left, or will there be a 'mix', captivating healthy private companies?

Azores tourism losses could reach 500 million this year

Just over six months ago, the Azorean Regional Government anticipated a 2% growth in Product for this year. But the pandemic has paralyzed tourism and the drop in GDP will be between 15% to 25%, according to analysts.

In the realm of Covid-19, it is the stimuli that rule the markets

Central bank “bazukas” fueled the recovery in the second quarter, which almost made it possible to plug the first catastrophe. Stocks are expensive, analysts say, but China and ESG show potential.
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