Brazil is expected to surpass the 100 thousand dead mark this weekend

According to the estimates of the consortium of Brazilian journalists, it took about three months before the first 50 deaths were counted and only 50 days for this figure to be repeated.

REUTERS / Diego Vara

The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Brazil is expected to exceed 100 this weekend.

The estimates were made by the consortium of social media, for the newspaper “Globo” gives 99.743 registered deaths and 2.967.634 diagnoses of the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Covid-19 is the most lethal outbreak in the country since the Spanish flu a century ago. The first confirmed case was registered in late February and it took three months for 50 people to die. About 50 days later, estimates indicate that another 50 will die.

President Bolsonaro, however, has always minimized the severity of the disease caused by the virus, defending the easing of social isolation and, multiple times, caused crowds when he went out into the street, hugging people and taking photographs. Even when he became ill with covid-19, he did not shy away from campaigning.

“We should live in despair, because this is a tragedy like a world war. But Brazil is under collective anesthesia, ”said Dr. José Davi Urbaez, a senior member of the Infectious Diseases Society to“ Reuters ”.

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