Cabo Verde Airlines workers are “without pay for months,” says union

“Those who are in a lay-off situation have only received the 35% paid by INPS, which does not allow anyone to organize their family life and meet their commitments”, warns Cape Verde's SINTCAP president.

The president of the Union of Transport, Communications and Public Administration (SINTCAP), on the Cape Verdean island of Sal, denounced this Thursday the situation of the workers of the airline Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA), who have not received a salary for “months to thread".

Maria de Brito made this denunciation during a press conference in which she also accused the Government led by Ulisses Correia e Silva of "running away" from her responsibilities.

"Now the Government cannot escape its responsibilities, nor allow workers to be abandoned and humiliated in this way, not knowing, even when they will remain without a salary and without prospects of improving the situation", he disapproved, demanding diligence on the part of the executive with the company's administration, in order to pay workers' wages.

“Or that you find, together with the INPS, some solution that allows all workers to receive, at least, the total percentage paid to workers in a lay-off situation, and help those, who without previous earnings, want and need to return to the city of Praia, where many have their own home and part of their family, ”he said.

According to Maria de Brito, for the past three months, most of the workers at Cabo Verde Airlines have been without a salary, facing, because of this, several deprivations, and inability to meet their commitments.

"Those who are in a lay off situation have been receiving only the 35% paid by INPS, which does not allow anyone to organize their family life and meet their commitments", he clarified.

The unionist also says that in a “much more difficult” situation there is a larger group that has not seen the color of their wages for three months, which, in her understanding, is “intolerable”.

“It is undoubtedly an intolerable, unspeakable and highly disrespectful situation for the workers of this company”, he underlined, referring, in an ironic tone, that “for several months” that the Government “has been asking the workers for patience and time”, claiming process is under negotiation with private shareholders.

"The workers are tired, unbelieving, anxious and discouraged, facing serious difficulties, and demand from the Government a substantive solution to get out of the mess that this same Government created", he emphasized.

In view of the scenario that she considers “serious and of great distress”, the unionist goes further, appealing to the deputies and the Cape Verdean President to look at the problem of these workers with “humanism and interest”, promising new forms of struggle if the situation if it holds.

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