PremiumJuan Carlos I: The king comes out naked

The exile of the emeritus king is the last opportunity to preserve the Spanish monarchy - although the possibility of secession is the country's real problem. Juan Carlos will be known in history as the king who threw the golden page that had already been written on it and replaced it with a doodle with dead animals, lovers and corruption jostling.

When everything seemed to suggest that the young king Juan Carlos of Spain - who took office on November 22, 1975 - was little more than a pawn among the vultures of the Franco regime, Francisco Franco's dauphin unexpectedly proved to have a life of his own and it changed the course of a country that risked running aground on an isthmus too prominent in its own history. The recent example of the neighbors to the west, Portugal, would have contributed to the young king perceiving the fundamental time in which he was called to govern and had therefore decided that it was time to end that bizarre period of suspension of the monarchy without, however, having been established. republic.

In spite of all the incongruities and all the defects that the transition incorporated - some of them becoming evident in a short time - the truth is that, among carlists with expired deadline, Francoists looking for oxygen cylinders, communists who returned to discovering a tomorrow and children of anarchists with their parents exchanged, Juan Carlos managed to straighten a path that turned out to be tremendously tortuous.

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PremiumJane Fraser: Scottish woman reached the top of the Wall Street financial world

Citigroup's CEO is the first woman to reach the top of a bank listed on the most important exchange on the planet, after a brilliant career in leading institutions. What is also a reference, and not the best, is that your appointment is still in the news.

PremiumBraga de Macedo and Nuno Cassola: “The illusion was fed that the banking system was solid”

"Where does Banking in Portugal go?" is the new book by Jorge Braga de Macedo, Nuno Cassola and Samuel da Rocha Lopes. The first two spoke to Jornal Económico about the sector's past, management, supervision and future.

PremiumCovid-19 is the common opponent of the 18 clubs of Liga NOS

At the beginning of a season in which several stars are back in Portugal and clubs in the middle of the table have strengthened in quantity and quality, there will be a 19th team that everyone will want to defeat every day.