Montepio Acredita Portugal contest announces 2020 winners

The “Stop Bullying” project won the Social Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Banco Montepio. The "Born from Knowledge - Award", a special award from the National Innovation Agency, was handed over to Unit Layer this year, created to study the effect of microgravity on human genomes and cancer cells.

The winners of the 10th Montepio Acredita Portugal contest, sponsored by the association and the bank to award some of the best national entrepreneurship projects, are already known. The organization says this Saturday that 10.640 ideas were submitted for evaluation this year.

“The purpose is to have an objective impact on how these projects can be developed, reach the market and become viable businesses and with a contribution to the area of ​​activity in which they are inserted and to the community in general. We believe that, combining our experience with the right partners, we will be able to achieve this ambitious goal ”, says Fernando Fraga, Innovation Director at Acredita Portugal.

In addition to the distinctions in the different categories (in the list below), there was still space for the delivery of the “Born from Knowledge - Award”, a special prize from the National Innovation Agency (ANI), which this time was handed over to the Unit Layer, created for to study the effect of microgravity on human genome and cancer cells, using aerospace vehicles, in order to analyze the conditions and changes in them in favor of a therapeutic alternative for cancer.

Social Entrepreneurship Award (Banco Montepio)

  • Stop Bullying - The concept of bullying is presented to children of preschool age through Cegonha Marcolina. With a book and a board game, positive methods and behaviors are developed in children from 3 years of age to prevent and combat bullying, based on fun activities and challenges.

Brisa Mobilidade Award 2020

  • BipBip - Intelligent and free platform to attract customers, which knows at all times which empty trucks, routes and their location. In this way, a matching between the customer's order and the nearest empty truck that takes that route. Thus, fast and affordable offers are obtained for the customer, making the fleets profitable for the transporters. BipBip 24/7 environmentally friendly.

K.Tech Award

  • tell me - Platform that aims to transform the sports talent market. It is the social network that reinvents the way players display their characteristics digitally - through moments on video - using artificial intelligence to balance the demand and supply of talent, on a global scale.

H2O Innovation Award (Águas de Gaia)

  • SCEMAI - Maximizing the performance of energy consumption and monitoring faults through artificial intelligence models and data analysis, allowing the optimization of production.

General category - Innovation

  • ChargeSurfing - Private network for charging electric vehicles. Cardless, international, compatible with all brands of chargers and vehicles. Anyone with the right location, anywhere in the world, can join the network and become a Host for electric mobility, supporting the energy transition and making the most of their space.

General category - Product

  • Four Bites - Subscription service for several healthy snacks, personalized to the client's universe and delivered where he needs it most. As? Pointing preferences and flavors, the AI ​​algorithm personalizes the experience, the Bites are recurrently received, the possibility of giving feedback and accessing the youniverse.

General Category - Education

  • Growappy - Web and mobile solution that modernizes early childhood education, by facilitating day-to-day life in schools, simplifying management, communicating with parents, registering and sharing children's daily routines and learning in an innovative and real-time way.

News updated on 17-10-2020

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