Portugal is the third European country with less commuting time

More than half (61,3%) of people employed in the European Union traveled less than 30 minutes from home to work last year, according to Eurostat.

Portugal is one of the countries of the European Union (EU) where it takes less time to travel from home to work in transport. The Portuguese, along with the Italians, take an average of 21 minutes on the journey to reach the office or factory and better times are only found in Cyprus (19 minutes) and Greece (20 minutes).

Last year, more than half (61,3%) of the employed population in the EU took less than 30 minutes from home to work, one in four (26,3%) took between 30 and 59 minutes to reach the company and only 8% lost 1 hour or more of their day commuting to work, according to data released this Wednesday by Eurostat.

“In 2019, people employed in the EU had an average travel time of 25 minutes. Latvian workers had the longest average travel time (33 minutes), followed by Hungary and Luxembourg (both 29 minutes), ”says Eurostat.

In fact, Latvia and Luxembourg accounted for the highest percentages, among Member States, with employed persons whose travel time varies between 30 and 59 minutes (36,3% and 38,8%, respectively). In Hungary, more than 10% of workers took 60 minutes or more to get home from work.

Only 4,3% of European workers did not have to travel to reach the workplace at that time, but the European statistical agency admits that, with the context of the pandemic, "the situation will have changed significantly".

In Portugal, due to the increase in the number of daily cases of coronavirus infection, the Government approved in mid-September the time difference for workers in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto. "The creation of stable teams is also foreseen, as well as the promotion of teleworking, whenever the nature of the activity allows it," said Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva.

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