Portugal returns to the market on Wednesday to finance up to 1.750 million euros

The two auctions of the treasury bill lines have maturities of six months and one year, according to IGCP - Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency

The IGCP - Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency announced this Friday that it will hold a double short-term debt auction on July 15, around 10:30 am.

The two auctions of the Treasury Bill (BT) lines with maturities on January 15, 2021 - six months - and July 16, 2021 - one year - have a global indicative amount between 1.500 million euros and 1.750 million euros.

In mid-June, IGCP reported that, following the presentation of the Supplementary Budget by the Government, it almost doubled the financing needs for 2020. In the document with the new program values ​​for the third quarter, IGCP details that the amount rose to 20,3 billion euros this year, up from the 10,7 billion euros previously projected.

In Treasury Bonds (OT), 29,3 billion euros will be issued - that is, another 14 billion euros - and another one billion euros in Treasury Bonds of Variable Income (OTRV), retail bonds .


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