Portuguese league with the best world balance in the transfer market. Watch the 'Economic Game'

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The Portuguese League achieved the best balance in the transfer market, with a total of 106,99 million, among the main world leagues. The main Portuguese League achieved sales worth 252,72 million euros and spent 145,75 million, according to data from the 'Transfermarkt'.

In the second part of this program, the focus is on the elections at SL Benfica to understand what the most popular election act in the last 17 years will look like in Luz.

Never before has any president been at the head of SL Benfica's destiny for the first time and for the first time in 17 years of almost undisputed leadership, Luís Filipe Vieira will face several candidates in the elections of the 'incarnates' that will take place on October 30. As would be expected, João Noronha Lopes, Rui Gomes da Silva and Bruno Costa Carvalho have directed a lot of criticism to the management of the current leader of the 'eagles' and promise another direction for SL Benfica in several aspects.

O programa ‘Jogo Económico’ é um espaço de debate sobre a economia do desporto da autoria e com a moderação de José Carlos Lourinho, editor do “Jornal Económico” e que conta com um painel de residente constituído por Shrikesh Laxmidas, diretor-adjunto do JE, Leonardo Ralha, sub-diretor do JE, o jornalista João Marcelino e o economista e ex-futebolista Diogo Luís.

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Champions League: 'Dragons' face second most valuable squad in the world

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Liverpool FC and Manchester United want to boost the creation of the European Super League with five billion euros

The format of the European super-league would allow a maximum of five teams per league, mostly made up of clubs from England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany (Big Five). One of the main purposes of its creation is to replace the Champions League from 2022.

Manchester United with losses of 25,5 million euros in the first half

The English emblem had recorded profits of 20 million in the same period in 2019, but the suspension of the championship due to the coronavirus pandemic led to a 40% loss in television revenues.