Portuguese medical startup closes first international contracts

Currently, the startup has close to 100 thousand unique users in Portugal and is present in the main private hospital groups, such as Luz Saúde, José de Mello Saúde and Lusíadas.

DR / Eduardo Freire Rodrigues

The Portuguese startup UpHill, created by Eduardo Freire Rodrigues, started taking its first steps outside Portuguese borders and closed contracts in countries such as Greece, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. Currently, the startup has close to 100 thousand unique users in Portugal and is present in the main private hospital groups, such as Luz Saúde, José de Mello Saúde and Lusíadas.

In addition to having several pharmaceutical companies in its client portfolio in Portugal, Portuguese technology is also supporting multinational companies in the investigation and formation of rare diseases or diseases with a high prevalence rate, such as heart failure, in hospitals in the four European countries with which got a contract.

“In the last year, UpHill has solidified its presence in Portugal, expanded the range of products it offers to facilitate the updating of healthcare professionals, increased the client portfolio and quintupled revenues, compared to 2018”, said Eduardo Freire Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of UpHill.

“In addition to consolidating our presence in the Portuguese market, scaling the business to other geographies was something we were aiming for, and now that the first international contracts are closed, we are focused on continuing this expansion work in countries like Germany, Spain, France or the United Kingdom, which are the ones with the most health professionals and the most diseases in absolute terms ”, says the CEO.

Currently and with new projects, exports represent 25% of the company's revenues. Last year, in an interview with Jornal Económico, Eduardo Freire Rodrigues had already admitted expansion to some European countries, namely Spain and the Netherlands, due to the demand that the technology used was experiencing.

In March last year, UpHill managed to bring together, in an investment round, close to 600 thousand euros, this round being led by the Luz Saúde group, Busy Angels (now Bynd Venture Capital) and Caixa Capital.

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