Republicans and Democrats Propose 908 Billion to Recover American Economy

A group of Democratic and Republican representatives today proposed a $ 908 billion recovery plan for the US economy, in a sign that negotiations between both parties have resumed.

Senado dos Estados Unidos

Although the package aimed at relaunching the economy affected by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has not yet been endorsed by the White House, it could be the beginning of the end of the impasse that has lasted since the summer.

Another sign will be the telephone contact scheduled for today between Democratic House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi and Trump administration treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, in which they will both discuss a future budget law and also measures to combat the effects of the pandemic. .

"It would be inexcusable for us to leave Washington [for the Christmas break] without a deal," said Democrat Joe Manchin.

The proposal exceeds the 500 billion that Republicans have been willing to support so far, but less than the two billion that Democrats intended.

The announcement of the resumption of negotiations comes on the same day that President-elect Joe Biden is due to introduce his team to the economic sector.

About 12 million Americans are about to lose their unemployment benefits, which end on December 26. In addition, social protections for tenants and students who have borrowed to finance their studies.

The head of the central bank of the United States (Fed), Jerome Powell, has been calling for a new economic aid plan to be voted on for months.

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