Spain already has 51 new outbreaks and increases in Covid-19 infections

The Spanish Ministry of Health reports that there are 51 active coronavirus outbreaks in Spain, of which 11 are of “special interest”. Despite having registered 99 more confirmed cases this Tuesday, the Spanish health authorities emphasize that “the numbers are not worrying”

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Spain recorded another 2.098 cases confirmed by Covid in the last fifteen days. According to data from the Spanish Ministry of Health, cited by “El País”, in the last seven days alone, 1.978 cases of infection with the new coronavirus were diagnosed in the country, an increase of 8,8 percent over the previous week. This Tuesday, June 30, the authorities detected 99 more contagions.

This increase takes place at a time when the country is in a phase of deflation. The stabilization of confirmed cases led the Government to present a phased plan for the release of the confinement on April 29, a plan that began to be applied in Spain on May 11.

On Sunday, June 21, the Spanish executive dropped the State of Emergency and, with it, the measures established for regional governments to re-administer their territories. Despite this, there are still 51 active coronavirus outbreaks in Spain, of which 11 are of “special interest”, according to the Spanish newspaper.

There are outbreaks in virtually all Spanish communities, according to El Pais. Only Asturias, which declared itself to be the first free community for the new coronavirus, has not reported any case for 15 days.

The latest outbreaks of infection detected by the Spanish health authorities are located in the municipalities of Tarazona de la Mancha, where four members of the same family were isolated, and in the municipality of Castellón de la Plana, where 16 members of a family gathered to celebrate São João, now being quarantined.

Madrid remains the most affected region, with more than 71.900 diagnosed cases and 8.400 deaths, followed by Catalonia with 61.500 confirmed and 5.700 deaths. With the exception of the capital and La Rioja, all autonomous regions are below 100 cases for every XNUMX inhabitants.

"Effectively, this increase in cases is due to outbreaks," said a spokeswoman for the Spanish Ministry of Health, quoted by "El Pais". “In absolute terms, the numbers are not a concern, but let's say we have to be aware of these situations. It is necessary to study this trend ”.

Since it first appeared in Spain, the new coronavirus has infected more than 278.188 people, of which 150 have recovered from the disease. There are, to date, a total of 28 fatalities in that country.

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