Trump promises to continue fight to remove Biden from the White House despite having already recognized defeat

Donald Trump maintains his version of electoral fraud, despite not presenting any facts or evidence to support his claim.

Carlos Barria / Reuters

Almost a month after the defeat in the November 3 presidential election, Donald Trump still does not accept that he was defeated by the former vice president of the United States, reveals "Reuters". After giving the Democrat the green light to start preparing for his move to the White House, the outgoing president promised to continue his judicial struggle to eliminate the election results that announced his defeat.

However, despite having been widely supported by the Republican party in the presidential races and while leading the United States, some Republican MPs are making a point of moving away from Donald Trump by recognizing Joe Biden's clear victory after the recount of votes in some US states.

"We are working with the Biden administration, both in the transition and in the inauguration, as if we were moving forward", Senator Roy Blunt assumed to "CNN", not admitting the defeat of the president who ran for the Republican party.

Donald Trump, who has governed the country for the past four years, maintains his version of electoral fraud, despite not presenting any facts or evidence to support his claim. His legal team lost the lawsuits he imposed in court after failing to convince juries that electoral irregularities had occurred in Michigan, Georgia and Arizona.

In the last recount of votes, at the request of the outgoing president, Joe Biden increased the distance from Trump to six million votes, maintaining the 306 votes of the Electoral College against the 232 votes that Trump received on November 3. Trump's legal team lost hope again after the Wisconsin state results were released, yesterday the still president lost by more than 20 ballot papers.

To the "Fox News" channel, Donald Trump hinted that he wanted to bring the case to the Supreme Court, but that "it is very difficult to reach" this instance, not knowing the way forward. For the first time, last Thursday, Trump assumed he would only abandon the White House if the Electoral College officially confirmed Biden's victory.

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