USA: New claims for unemployment benefit with lower weekly value since the start of the pandemic

After two weeks of increases in the indicator, this week marked a return to the decline that occurred before that period.

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The figures released on Thursday for unemployment benefit applications in the United States show 1,186 million new claims for benefits, a decrease from last week, when the number was 1,435 million. The value means the reversal of two consecutive weeks of increases, returning to the downward trend that had already occurred four months ago.

Estimates for this week's numbers pointed to 1,42 million new orders, a figure that is much higher than that actually recorded. It is the week with fewer requests for unemployment support since the explosion in this indicator in March. The total grant application since that period is now 55,32 million.

A new agreement is expected by the end of this week on extraordinary federal support in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, which the Senate and the White House want to reduce from $ 600 to $ 200 ($ 506 to $ 169), but which Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is opposed.


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