“Zomato” was born to mark spas, hairdressers and PT

After digitizing the restoration in Portugal, Miguel Alves Ribeiro, director of Zomato in Portugal, opened a new business to put all wellness spaces online. From this Saturday you will be able to book the barber or beautician through “Sheer Me”.

Miguel Alves Ribeiro, formercountry manager from Zomato, feels that the mission of digitizing restaurants in Portugal is accomplished: there are several mobile applications for reservations and reviews and now even QR codes sit at the table with customers. The Portuguese businessman felt that this was the moment to make another sector take the definitive leap towards online, that of well-being, and thus the “Zomato” of hairdressers / barbers, aesthetics offices, spas, and health services was born. personal trainers (PT).

The logic used in foodtech is the same that is behind the SheerMe. In the seven years of Zomato, Miguel Alves Ribeiro's team was dedicated to the digital transformation of the restaurant and felt all the difficulties of the most anagogical entrepreneurs in making this transition to online. “Restaurant owners and 'chefs' can be great at welcoming people and making dishes, but they don't have to be good marketers. They can assign this role to other companies, ”he told Jornal Económico (JE).

SheerMe was launched in mid-June as a kind of establishment directory in this area, but it is about to become a booking platform, reviews and online store starting this Saturday. To this end, the company's founder and CEO is establishing partnerships with brands linked to beauty, as more businesses come together - there are currently more than 2.200 in the city of Lisbon.

“We are measuring the pulse of a market and seeing what really makes sense to it. There are companies that have that mentality of: «let's build and they will come». It is not so. We have to help them make that connection, ”said Miguel Alves Ribeiro, responsible for the initial investment in the startup (the amount has not been revealed).

With a team of four people, SheerMe - which also received financing from the venture capital firm Olisipo Way - plans to reach 5 commercial spaces and reach the cities of Porto and Braga by September. There will also be the possibility to create PT profiles for online classes (no fees for professionals).

“We have always tried, even before at Best Tables, to show companies the advantages of having a more relevant digital footprint, of having more visibility that becomes more business. More than that: marketing tools really help bring more customers into space. If you have a differentiated service, you can position it so that the entire country and even foreigners can enjoy it ”, he explained.

The platform has, on average, 350 daily accesses by users and will provide, for three months, the appointment service without commissions to all spaces and freelance professionals. wellness, beauty and fitness that register until August 31st. "We are a startup in essence - workforce, innovation, delivery capacity and company culture - but this is a business and it has to be highly profitable for the spaces themselves and even to help the country's economic recovery", stressed the CEO.

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