A new course for the country

Crises are not just difficult times, when we have to make choices that we would rather not have to make.

Crises are not just difficult times, when we have to make choices that we would rather not have to make. Crises can also be opportunities to try different paths. Portugal finds itself in this situation, like many other countries in Europe and in the world, following the global emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suddenly, our model of economic growth, which in recent years was based on the tripod of exports, tourism (statistically included in the first ones) and real estate, was called into question by a crisis that very few could anticipate. No one could have guessed that 2020 would be like this, despite the fact that in recent years the warnings of scientists and many programs that National Geographic has issued about the imminent threat of a global pandemic have followed.

As it has done numerous times throughout its history, Portugal now has to reinvent its strategy for the economic front. And although it is too early to anticipate the evolution of the economy and there are more questions than certainties (for example, will there be a second wave? Will air travel recover?), We can already come to some conclusions. One of them is that, without denying the central role that tourism should play, Portugal needs a strategy of reindustrialization, in concert with that which the European Union itself will have to carry out, within the framework of a new global order that is emerging.


The mistake of believing in advertising itself

The difficulties we have witnessed in controlling the pandemic show how easy it is to fall into the trap of believing in propaganda itself.

Efacec only had a down button

The complex network used by Isabel dos Santos to buy the stake in Efacec, including involving the Angolan State, raised suspicions and, at the very least, recalled the political exposure of the daughter of former President José Eduardo dos Santos. The danger of this exposure became real in December, when Angola seized the businesswoman's assets.

Putin in the distance

André Ventura realized that the country of Camões continues to walk with a flap in one eye. It is, I believe, his only merit.