A week in “tugolândia”

Are there any doubts that Novo Banco is a bottomless hole that will cost us more than its bankruptcy and has set a dangerous precedent?

These last few days have been so diverse that I cannot concentrate on one theme… From the multiple returns - from Centeno to Banco de Portugal, from Jesus to Benfica and from Cristina Ferreira to TVI - to the death of an actor, murdered in the middle of the public by a 80-year-old man, going through the end of fortnightly debates and ending - surprise of surprises - in the delay in delivering the audit to Novo Banco, tell me, where to start? If possible, we would discuss all this while taking a drink in any nightclub.

I am not going to say anything about Centeno, because my question is no longer Centeno but Banco de Portugal (BdP). Were it not for Brussels to force a central bank to exist in each Member State and I would close it up. There is no longer monetary policy. Supervision, which was fundamental for me, never happened. Yes, there was a tent behind a tent and another one is approaching. In fact, the guess is: what is it, whose name starts with M, ends in a peep, but isn't it a bird?

Ah, but here they will say that BdP is not responsible, but ASF (Authority for Supervision of Insurance and Pension Funds), which in turn has come to say that the responsibility lies with the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security . In other words, guilt always dies unmarried ... and who pays? Do you want to see that everyone guessed? Yeah, it's us!

Therefore, BdP exists for what, if it does not fulfill its main mission? In addition to providing an average salary of 5.000 euros to its more than 1.600 employees - I imagine that they are engaged in studies with high added value because they do not even have time to answer the phone - just hear them comment on home loans. It seems to me a picture that is too valuable for so little purpose.

I have nothing to say about Jesus. I'm not the one who pays, I don't care where he works. At the very least, I prefer it in Portugal because in addition to making me laugh, it pays taxes around here.

Cristina Ferreira made me think of the support of 15 million that the Government gave to the media. We can see how it is, in fact, a sector affected by the pandemic and urgently in support. The manipulation that the media have allowed themselves is frightening, symptomatic and only tends to get worse.

Then we have the unfortunate death of an actor, the father of three minor children, on a street in Moscavide, murdered by an 80-year-old man who had been threatening him for a few days. As I realized, the theme was a dog. The man did not like the dog and touched to offend Candé, even killing him. Obviously the man is unbalanced, crazy. It offended Candé because it was black as it would offend Candé if it were white, yellow or red. Or if he was fat, lame or ugly. The only thing that would change was how to offend him. Weak people offend. It is the only "weapon" they have. This man, unfortunately, also had a firearm and ended the life of a 39-year-old man with three young children.

As in this case the boy was black, the use of those who call themselves anti-racists to say that the death was racially motivated comes soon. It seems to me that there are no more racists than anti-racists. When the victim is white and the madman is black, no one hears them. Isn't it racism anymore? When the victim is white, male and heterosexual, motivations are always identified by what motivated the action and not by color, gender or sex.

Let's see if we understand each other in something so simple - there are crazy and victims. There is racism, yes, and there is, more than racism, prejudice. But, in order to end racism or any other form of discrimination, the first step is to stop labeling people. My hope is the generation of my children and the ones that follow, which in no way resembles the previous ones in these matters.

I have zero hope in Rio that promotes the extinction of fortnightly debates. In reality, no one watches it, but being the supposed leader of the opposition to reduce the number of votes against the government is hilarious. I can't even understand what's going on in that head.

This coupled with changes envisaged in the UTAO (Technical Unit for Budget Support), whose objective is essentially to monitor the budgetary execution of the various public administrations and analyze and alert to the budgetary impacts of legislative initiatives admitted in Parliament, saw the reduction of its intervention approved, this way also limited the scrutiny of the Government. And who suggested it? The PS proposed and Rio “reformulated” but in reality, between the two, only flies change.

Finally, Novo Banco. After yet another scandal with the sale of assets - but note that it is just one more, in no way or at all it differs from the others - here the audit is not delivered on the expected date. But, I ask, do you really think the audit will dictate the end of this antics? I wrote this in 2018, and nothing has changed!

In fact, I don't even understand exactly why auditors still exist. Since the Enron case, in 2001, a company that was audited by Arthur Andersen (now Deloitte) that the “big five” have lost all credibility. Wasn't BES audited? Wasn't BPN audited? Was BPP not audited? Was PT not audited? Are there any doubts that Novo Banco is a bottomless hole that will cost us more than its bankruptcy and has set a dangerous precedent?

Now let's set up but it is a meeting to think about these issues together. How about Urban at 17 pm next Tuesday? The gals I paid!

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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