Azores / Elections: Liberal Initiative says that region needs more liberalism

The national leader of the Liberal Initiative (IL), João Cotrim Figueiredo, was confident that the party will be able to elect a deputy to the Azorean parliament.

Cristina Bernardo

The national leader of the Liberal Initiative (IL), João Cotrim Figueiredo, defended this Sunday that the Azores need liberalism more than the continent and was confident that the party will be able to elect a deputy to the Azorean parliament.

"In the short term, the Azores need more liberation, more energy, more liberalism than the continent itself", he said, speaking to Lusa.

João Cotrim Figueiredo was campaigning on Terceira Island today, accompanied by the list's head of the island's constituency, João Luís Parreira, having visited, among other initiatives, the Cattle Fair, in Angra do Heroísmo, and the organic farming company Biofontinhas , at Praia da Vitória.

Asked about expectations for the election results for October 25, he said he was “quite confident” in the election of a regional deputy.

"I know that what is collected on the street is not enough, but the level of adhesion that we have had, in the events that we have done on social networks, gives us to understand that we have an excellent chance of electing for the regional assembly", he pointed out.

The IL leader considered that "the government's stifling and stifling role" has been "the greatest obstacle to development" in Portugal and that this is felt even more in the Azores, looking at the indicators of "development, education and wealth" or for “the need that people feel to emigrate in order to rise in life”.

"It is possible to do better, even in regions like the Azores, which have 24 consecutive years of hegemony of the PS, with a series of compadries and collusions, which prevent people from deciding about their own life and doing their own development" , he stressed.

Education was also on the agenda of the Liberal Initiative, with a meeting with the Teachers Union of the Azores Region, with João Cotrim Figueiredo alerted to the “very high level of early school leaving” of the archipelago.

“The school, from the first cycle to the secondary and even higher, has to be, in fact, the great social elevator. It depends on whether the school never accommodates its function of educating and is always evolving and following the needs of children and young people. This implies that there is freedom of choice for families in schools ”, he stressed.

The head of the IL list for Terceira island stressed that “there is no reason for the Azoreans to pay more taxes, being able to pay less”, claiming that the Government's “support web” is “killing economic growth”.

“Our priorities are to reduce public debt, remove the State and the public management of many companies that are causing losses and save resources for those that are the functions of the State: to finance good education, good health and air transportation of passengers”, revealed.

João Luís Parreira, an aerospace engineering student, aged 20, said that people “want to change” in the Azores and that “they already put the Liberal Initiative in family conversations”.

The Azores legislatures take place on October 25, with 13 political forces running for 57 seats in the Legislative Assembly: PS, PSD, CDS-PP, BE, CDU, PPM, Liberal Initiative, Free, PAN, Arrive, Alliance, MPT and PCTP / MRPP.

In the archipelago, where the PS has ruled for 24 years, there is a circle for each of the nine islands and a compensation circle, which gathers unused votes for the election of parliamentarians in the island circles.

The Liberal Initiative competes for the first time with the Azorean legislations, with lists by São Miguel, Terceira and compensation.

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