Azores / Elections: CDS leader rejects suffrage as a first test of his leadership

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, rejected that the legislative elections of the Azores, scheduled for the 25th, are a first test of his leadership.

The president of CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, rejected today that the legislative elections in the Azores, scheduled for the 25th, are a first test of his leadership, underlining the autonomy of the regional structure of the party.

"The CDS respects the principle of subsidiarity and, in the case of autonomous regions, we have party structures that are also autonomous, which manage the party's program, ambition, and aim to achieve the best possible results for the CDS," said the leader of the centrists, elected in January this year.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos spoke to journalists in Ponta Delgada, at the end of a campaign action in which he toured the city's marginal by bicycle, accompanied by the leader of the regional structure of the party, Artur Lima, and the head of the list by the São Miguel circle , Nuno Gomes.

“I understand that the merits, if any, will have to be attributed to our party in the Azores, with which I am absolutely sympathetic. Artur Lima is the national vice president of CDS. Therefore, we are all committed that the party can grow and have the best possible result ”, he added.

Asked if there would be a national reading of the results of these elections, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos refused, justifying that the suffrage “refers only to the reality of the Azores”.

"I am convinced that the work that the CDS has developed in the Azores over the past four years can grow and increase our representation in parliament, and withdraw the absolute majority from the PS," he said, reiterating the party's objectives.

In the last regional legislative elections, in 2016, the CDS elected four of the 57 deputies from the regional hemicycle: two from the compensation circle, one from Terceira and one from São Jorge.

“CDS does not ask for blank checks because, in fact, it has work to present and the results are visible. […] The CDS proves in parliament that it can have an alternative voice and not alternation to the PS ”, said the national leader, asking the Azoreans to give more strength to the party in the Regional Legislative Assembly.

The Azores legislatures take place on the 25th, with 13 political forces that are candidates for the Azorean hemicycle: PS, PSD, CDS-PP, BE, CDU, PPM, Liberal, Free Initiative, PAN, Arrive, Alliance, MPT and PCTP / MRPP. 228.999 voters are registered to vote.

In the archipelago, where the PS has ruled for 24 years, there is a circle for each of the nine islands and a compensation circle, which gathers unused votes for the election of parliamentarians in the island circles.

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