Azores / Elections: PAN leader trusts that party will elect two

André Silva said that the party will “make a difference, for sure, starting next week, at the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Azores”, with the election of two deputies.

PAN national spokesman André Silva said this Sunday that the party will “make a difference, for sure, starting next week, in the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Azores”, with the election of two deputies.

"We will make a difference, for sure, starting next week, at the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Azores," said André Silva.

The spokesman for the People, Animals and Nature Party, who was speaking to journalists in Ponta Delgada, also said that he is "confident" in the election and believes that the party will be able to reach "the two elected".

André Silva confessed that "it is too evident, or is expected, that the Socialist Party may win the elections", but questions "whether it will win with or without an absolute majority".

"We know that different themes, disruptive themes, themes that must be brought up with courage, only the PAN will be able to do this, not least because the PSD is no longer an opposition party", he continued.

And, according to the national leader of the party, these themes will reach the Azorean parliament, because “the Azoreans, today, know the PAN of the Azores, they recognize in Pedro Neves [regional spokesman and candidate by the circles of São Miguel and compensation] the competence and responsibility to elect him as a representative of the people ”.

In a campaign action that took place today, in Portas do Mar, in Ponta Delgada, party representatives at national and regional level had to make an effort to make themselves known, since, in several of the groups they approached, people said they did not know the party or its proposals.

The approach proved to be confusing for people like Andreia: “This comes from the continent. Why your interest in the Azores? ”Asked the young woman, who was accompanied by a friend.

Once the functioning of the party structure was clarified and the candidate's face was presented by São Miguel to the regional elections, the two young women who enjoyed the late afternoon sun on a terrace would later end up exploring the party's social networks.

"Now I have a different idea of ​​who to vote for," said Andreia, after answering with a "clear!", When asked by the Lusa agency about whether she intended to vote.

André Silva expects the party to elect deputies, “either by the circle of São Miguel, or by the circle of compensation”, and highlights that, “it is therefore essential that all votes, from Corvo to São Miguel, be taken into account for the PAN ”.

And he left praise for an electoral system that, almost four years ago, almost guaranteed the election of a deputy to this party: “We are in the most progressive region of the country in terms of what our electoral system is. The electoral system of the Azores is an example system, which should even be extended to the Republic, as it does not waste votes ”.

The Azores legislatures will take place on October 25, with 13 political forces running for 57 seats in the Regional Legislative Assembly: PS, PSD, CDS-PP, BE, CDU, PPM, Liberal, Free, PAN, Arrive, Alliance, MPT and PCTP / MRPP. 228.999 voters are registered to vote.

PAN competes for seven of the ten circles, with no lists in the circles of the islands of Corvo, Graciosa and Santa Maria.

In the archipelago, where the PS has ruled for 24 years, there is a circle for each of the nine islands and a compensation circle, which gathers unused votes for the election of parliamentarians in the island circles.

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