PremiumRoger Tamraz: From millionaires 'pipelines' in the Middle East to interest in Isabel dos Santos bank

He gravitated to business of the highest geopolitics, surrounded by heads of state from the Middle East and from former Soviet republics, and partnered with Onassis in Panama. Now it manages investments from Dubai, with Russians, Chinese and Africans. At 80 he plans to buy the Eurobic.

Were it not for having expressed interest in buying the Eurobic bank - 42,5% controlled by Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos, although under arrest - and most likely the majority of Portuguese would not list the name of Roger Tamraz, a businessman of Assyrian descent (from Lebanon) ), to his past media. Anyone who has access to a historical database, and who is able to go back 32 years, will find that in 1988 almost all newspapers in the Middle East consecrated a lot of news to Tamraz, which would be inevitable for those, like him, who were in the electoral race for office. president of Lebanon.

Building on the experience he gained while supporting the peace negotiations between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israel - and also between Jordan and Israel - Tamraz admitted in 1988 that it was his turn to move forward with a candidacy for the Lebanese presidency to try equally a peace agreement with Israel and put an end to the armed conflicts in his country, which before these clashes was considered Switzerland in the Middle East. However, a long delay in the electoral calendar discouraged him from moving forward with this political project.

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Decision to leave EDP was taken “regardless of the decision that may be handed down by the Lisbon Court of Appeal”, guarantees the manager in his farewell letter from EDP. António Mexia maintains his “complete determination” so that “the absence of any illegitimate benefits for EDP, as well as the legality of all decisions taken,” is clearly demonstrated during the years in which he led the electricity company. The manager also says that the investigation was "artificially drawn out".

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