PremiumAlba Baptista: There is very little of a nun and the blessing is given by punching and kicking

A career marked by soap operas and national films reached the highest point with the premiere of “Warrior Nun”, the first Netflix series starring a Portuguese actress. Daughter of a Brazilian father and an emigrant mother, Alba Baptista is 23 years old and dreams without borders.

At first glance, Alba Baptista looks like a 16 year old girl from a Nordic country, typically angelic and sweet. However, despite her foreign roots, Alba is a 23-year-old Portuguese girl who recently won the lead role in one of the most watched Netflix series in the world in the past two weeks.

"Warrior Nun" represents not only the debut of Alba Baptista in an international series, but also points out the fact that it is the first international series on the streaming platform in which the protagonist is a Portuguese - and right in Alba's first 100% English role. . The character played by the national actress, Ava Silva, moves in a dark world, which involves death, nuns, superpowers, humor typically Millennial and has a shiny (and magical) halo embedded in the back.

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Book: “For Terra Alheia - Travel Notes”

Ramalho Ortigão's sharp look transports us to extraordinary episodes, whose detail also reminds us of the richness of the Portuguese language. Music to read!