Changes in support for the PAN parliamentary group

In the dispatch of the PAN there is “Exonerated from the position of advisers” are Márcio Manuel Cavaleiro da Quadrada, Sara Filipa Tomé Marques Martins, Susana Isabel de Oliveira Andrade.

André Silva, PAN spokesman and deputy to the Assembly of the Republic | Cristina Bernardo

A dispatch from the PAN was published in Diário de República on 13 July stating that André Batista Nunes is the new PAN chief of staff. In the same document, the party announces the departure of some advisers.

Thus, it appears by “dispatch of June 25, 2020, from the President of the Parliamentary Group of the People-Animals-Nature Party, PAN”, that the party appoints Dr. André Batista Nunes with immediate effect. Exonerated from the position of advisors are Márcio Manuel Cavaleiro da Quadrada, Sara Filipa Tomé Marques Martins, Susana Isabel de Oliveira Andrade.

The PAN has been subject to some changes due to the departure of MEP Francisco Guerreiro and deputy Cristina Rodrigues.

"MEP Francisco Guerreiro leaves the People-Animals-Nature party due to political differences with the leadership and guarantees that he will continue to defend in the European Parliament the ideals for which he was elected and governed", said a statement sent to Lusa, on 16 June .

In the statement, it was also stated that “the divergences that justify his departure from the PAN are based on the lack of political identification with several relevant positions taken by the party in the national parliament, as well as with the global political line that has characterized the PAN's performance in recent months ”.

On June 25, deputy Cristina Rodrigues left the party. “Today, with an extremely tight heart, I decided to disconnect from PAN, after giving so much of myself to this party. Unfortunately, I am unable to postpone this decision any longer and I only take it because I see no other way out and because I believe that, by postponing it, I could further accentuate the existing differences and be more damaging to the party, to me and to the causes with which I continue to identify myself ”, he assured, in a note sent to Lusa.

“I started to feel more and more my silenced voice and my ability to work conditionally, which culminated in my recent removal from the Permanent Political Commission of the PAN, done against me and without notice”, assured Cristina Rodrigues, who continues to participate in parliamentary activity as a non-registered deputy.

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CP “pushes” for dismissal 120 train bar workers, accuses federation of unions

The Federation of Agriculture Unions. Food, Beverages, Hospitality and Tourism (FESAHT) warns that the 120 workers of CP train bars are at risk of “being victims of a collective dismissal”. All because, says FESAHT, the company keeps refusing to reopen the meal service in the bars of the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains.

Madeira: PS defends restoring tax differential

With the replacement of the tax differential, the socialists intend to encourage consumption and, through it, to boost the economy, to bring greater liquidity to companies through the reduction of VAT and IRC, and a low taxation, which would allow to attract more foreign investment and competitiveness.

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In an interview with JE, Rui Gomes da Silva calls into question the sports project of Benfica SAD and, just a few days before the eventual confirmation of the title by FC Porto, the lawyer asks how "a club intervened by UEFA" almost wins three consecutive titles to Benfica, which, according to those responsible, has presented financial results "from the other world".

André Ventura to request temporary suspension of deputy's mandate in September

According to André Ventura himself to the Lusa agency, Diogo Pacheco de Amorim will occupy the parliamentary functions, as he was the second in the electoral list of the Lisbon circle in the 2019 legislative elections.

PCP argues that CP should be a “single operator” at the railway level to avoid accidents such as Soure's

The communists ask the Government to reinforce investment in the railroad and proceed to the “reunification” of the CP so that the public company starts to integrate all the railway infrastructures at national level.

Marcelo promulgates diploma that marks indirect elections in the CCDR for October

The change in the date for the election of the presidents of the Regional Coordination and Development Commissions (CCDR), initially scheduled for September, was approved by the Head of State, keeping the alert that this process is not regionalization.