André Ventura chooses list for the national board at the third attempt and criticizes “backstage games”

"Disappearance" of opponents after the party leader indicated he was willing to resign if the impasse persisted allowed his team to be approved by more than two-thirds of the congressmen. "They thought we would be a party like the others, in which internal power is defined through backstage moves," said Ventura after the final vote.

Nuno Veiga / Lusa

The list for the national board of Chega was approved at the third attempt, with 247 favorable votes and only 25 against, showing that the scenario of a resignation of André Ventura, re-elected president with 99,4% of the votes just two weeks ago, was the enough for a few dozen congressmen unhappy with the party's internal struggles, and with some names proposed by Ventura, to choose to abstain.

The big difference between the third and the second votes, in which the list of vice presidents and members of Chega presented by the founder, sole deputy and party leader, had obtained 219 votes in favor and 121 against, leaving only eight votes of the two thirds imposed by the statutes for its approval, resided in the “disappearance” of the opposition. In the third vote, held in late Sunday afternoon, there were only 28 more votes in favor and 96 fewer votes against.

Acclaimed by supporters, after the speaker of the convention recognizing that “it was difficult but if it were easy it was not for us”, André Ventura did not spare criticism of the internal opposition that left him on the verge of dismissal. “We could have left a party very different from what we are, but at the right time the party returned to the ballot box to say that it does not accept another way”, he began by saying, addressing “those who thought we would be a party like the others, where internal power is defined with backstage moves ”.

“As president re-elected with 99,4% of the votes”, Ventura promised “changes so that the power in Chega will never be removed from the militants”, predicting statutory changes in the near future, and added that “the other parties that were already opening up champagne this afternoon can be disillusioned. I leave even more eager to fight for you and to fight for Portugal ”. Addressing Rui Rio and António Costa, Catarina Martins or Jerónimo de Sousa, the party president said that “I am still here and I will continue as long as this party, with this strength, will continue”.

Minutes before the third vote, in which no name was changed on the list, André Ventura had admitted to resigning if the impasse that marked the second day of a convention that should have been consecrated persisted, with video messages from political allies such as French Marine Le Pen and the Italian Matteo Salvini, and launch for electoral challenges in the Azores, presidential and municipal elections.

The shock of the first vote was left behind, with 193 votes against and only 183 favorable votes, showing that support for the president's strategy would not be as great as the massive vote in direct elections would have imagined. In addition to the internal problems in the party, evident during the work of the national convention, which led some speakers to recommend that washing clothes be left to other forums, the profusion of recent militants in the team chosen by André Ventura will have created some antibodies.

The national board joined the vice-presidents Diogo Pacheco de Amorim, Nuno Afonso and José Dias, the researcher and university professor Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro and the diplomat Tânger Correia, while also among the members there were two former candidates for deputies for the Alliance , Tiago Sousa Dias and Rui Paulo Sousa.

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