André Ventura presents a new list to the board of Chega in which he only adds one name

Chega's president insists on the same names that had more votes against than in favor on Sunday morning. And it needs two-thirds of congressmen to avoid a new lead with unpredictable consequences.

Mário Cruz / Lusa

The list to the national board of Chega proposed by André Ventura to the national convention that is meeting in Évora is practically the same as the one that was failed by the congressmen this Sunday morning, adding only the name of a member, Rui Paulo Sousa.

André Ventura's decision to keep the initial choices, namely the inclusion of the new vice-presidents Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro and Tânger Correia, both newly registered militants, is a sign that the founder and leader of Chega, reelected about two weeks ago with 99,4% of the militants' votes, he did not yield to pressure from the 193 congressmen who voted against the first list, surpassing the 183 favorable votes. The statutes require that the national board be approved by two-thirds of the valid votes, which requires a major turnaround in the second election, after 132 of the registered congressmen did not participate in the first one, to avoid an impasse of unpredictable consequences.

Ventura intends to have five vice-presidents for a cycle that includes electoral tests in the Azores, presidential and autarchic regions, joining the researcher and university professor Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro and the diplomat Tânger Correia to the current Diogo Pacheco de Amorim, Nuno Afonso and José Days. And eight other members, including Ricardo Regalla Dias, strongman of Chega's communication, Lucinda Ribeiro, Rita Matias, Pedro Frazão, Patrícia Sousa Uva, Fernando Gonçalves, Tiago Sousa Dias and Rui Paulo Sousa, the latter two being former militants and candidates to deputies of the Alliance.


Chega Congress fails list for the national board presented by André Ventura

Among the reasons that led to the lead of the new national leadership may be the entry into the national organs of militants recently registered in the party, such as university researcher Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro and ambassador Tangier Correia. New list needs two-thirds vote.

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