André Ventura: “PSD alone will not be able to form a government. Then you will call us ”

In an interview with Antena 1, the elected leader of Chega believes that his party will be able to be government alone, with the CDS disappearing and the PSD losing influence. Until then, and if the PSD needs a Government partner, André Ventura believes he will receive a call from Rui Rio.


“Economic Game”: “Falling investment in the 'Big5 ′? Clubs will 'lose weight' active ”

According to CIES, investment in the summer transfer market in the 'Big5' fell to 3,3 billion euros, that is, for investment levels in 2015. How will this factor affect the future of the five largest Europe leagues?

“Economic Game”: “Players from our league reach big European leagues and impose themselves”

Contrary to the idea that the Portuguese League has few values ​​that can be exported, journalist João Marcelino highlighted in the latest edition of “Jogo Económico”, from the JE TV platform, that players like Bruno Fernandes and others impose themselves on great emblems Europeans.

“Economic Game”: “Impact of F1 in Portugal will be around 40 to 50 million minimum,”

In the latest edition of the “Jogo Económico” program, from the JE TV platform, economist Paulo Reis Mourão stressed that Formula 1 will have an impact of at least 40 to 50 million euros.