André Ventura rejects any hypothesis of understandings between Chega and the PSD or CDS-PP

Chega's resignation president and sole deputy, André Ventura, says that Chega “is not for sale” nor does he intend to become “the XNUMXst century CDS” and leaves the same response to the PSD and CDS-PP: “No thank you, we neither want nor accept ”agreements or understandings.

The dismissive president and sole deputy of Chega, André Ventura, refuses to make agreements or reach agreements with either the Social Democratic Party (PSD) or the CDS-PP. André Ventura says that Chega “is not for sale” nor does he intend to become “the CDS of the XNUMXst century” and leaves the same answer for PSD and CDS-PP: “No thanks, we neither want nor accept” dialogue.

At a dinner in the district of Leiria do Chega, André Ventura started by saying that the president of the PSD, Rui Rio, came to the public to talk about the possibility of an eventual agreement in a “somewhat cluttered” way, referring to the interview of the social- Democrat to RTP3, where he considered that the conversations “do not depend on the PSD, they depend on the Chega” and that there is an opening in the PSD for dialogue if Chega moderates the speech.

“This week, [Rui Rio] said, in a somewhat confused way, that yes [to an understanding between PSD and Chega], 'but if they move'. We, this band of insurgents, fascists and racists. As if we were for sale or as if we were the XNUMXst century CDS ”, he criticized.

For André Ventura, “as much as they offer us places or 'little places', the strength of Chega will always be the strength to denounce what is wrong”. “So here’s the answer: Rui Rio, no thanks, we don’t want or accept it”, he shot, adding that the PSD “lost its backbone” with the vote alongside the Socialist Party (PS) in favor of ending the fortnightly debates with the prime minister.

But, according to the leader of Chega, “funnier than Rui Rio saying he wants agreements, is listening to the leader of the CDS”, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, with “that beige panties, shoe from the Cascais line, very straight, with the eyes wide open, say 'there is no possibility of understanding with Chega, zero. Because we don't go into authoritarianism or things from the past '”.

“This said by 'Chicão', experienced in life, brave of heart and who, we all know, never gives in and is never afraid, not even when there was the earthquake where he was speaking [in a speech in Madeira in March this year]” , quipped André Ventura.

The president of Chega considers that an agreement with conditions imposed by the CDS "could only be laughed at", taking into account that it is "a party that almost disappeared in the polls" and that "in Parliament is not heard". "So the CDS has to take the same answer that we give to the PSD: no thanks and we don't want to, keep your insignificance," he said.

André Ventura promises to reach the Bloco de Esquerda (BE) and PS in the polls, guaranteeing that he will "never again" be caught by the Communist Party (PCP). “When they say: they can win everyone, but they will never beat the PS, we say 'wait and see'. For António Costa, we leave a warning: some people can be deceived for some time, but an entire country cannot be deceived all their lives ”, said André Ventura.

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