Apple CEO joins the billionaires' club. Earned 111 million euros in 2019

Tim Cook owns 847.969 Apple shares and as such managed to raise more than $ 125 million (111 million euros) last year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined the billionaires' club as the technology company's stock price continues to rise, the BBC reported on Tuesday, August 11.

Apple's market value has soared after strong results and optimistic outlook for tech giants. Tim Cook owns 847.969 Apple shares and as such managed to raise more than $ 125 million (111 million euros) last year.

It has been nine years since Tim Cook took control of Apple. With the change of leader, the company started to have a more peaceful environment, according to "The New York Times" quoted by "Times of India". Foreign newspapers also guarantee that Tim Cook wakes up every day before four in the morning and analyzes the global sales figures and every Friday he meets with the company's financial team.

In addition to Tim Cook, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg saw his personal assets grow to reach $ 100 billion (€ 84 billion) last week.

Technological giants such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon have witnessed the growth of their companies with the increase in profits that have occurred in the last months of the year, motivated by confinement and greater connectivity of people to digital media.


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