Appointed PS rapporteur for opinion on Centeno, on the day when COF votes CDS-PP's request to reschedule the hearing

The author of the opinion on the appointment of Mário Centeno as Governor of BdP is appointed this Thursday, and the CDS-PP's request for the hearing to take place only after the end of the process on the proposal to change the rules of appointment to the regulator. Deputies also decide whether to make the Bloc's request feasible for the Government to send more information about Novo Banco.

Cristina Bernardo

The discussion on the appointment of Mário Centeno as governor of Banco de Portugal (BdP) returns this Thursday to the Budget and Finance Commission (COF), in Parliament, after the break in the theme due to the marathon of votes to the changes in the specialty to the Supplementary Budget. On the day that the reporter for the hearing of Mário Centeno is chosen, the CDS-PP request is also voted so that it occurs only after the conclusion of the PAN proposal process, regarding the nomination rules for the board of directors of the regulator.

The COF's agenda includes the appointment of draftsman of opinion on Mário Centeno for the position of Governor of the BdP, which will be held by a deputy of the PS. The opinion is not binding, but will be voted on later by political parties.

Last Thursday, the Prime Minister formalized the choice of Mário Centeno as Carlos Costa's successor, by sending a formal letter to the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, in which he requested the appointment of a hearing. The appointment of Mário Centeno to succeed Carlos Costa, whose term of office ends on July 7, will be made through a resolution of the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, but before the hearing will have to take place by COF and that draws up the respective report.

In the session scheduled for after the Plenary, the opinion of the request submitted by the CDSP-PP, regarding the schedule of the hearing, will also be discussed and voted on, so that it “is scheduled after the end of the legislative process now underway on rules for the appointment of the administration, which may in fact be concluded in this legislative session ”.

According to the request, to which the Jornal Económico (JE) had access, centrist deputy Cecília Meireles justified that it is “incomprehensible that the Assembly of the Republic should hold a parliamentary hearing to appoint Governor without the ongoing legislative process on the rules that should preside over this nomination ”, alluding to the discussion that occurs after the PAN proposal.

"Unless it is accepted that Parliament intends to approve rules that in reality it does not want to see approved, or that the Government intends to evade the application of new legal rules, the two hypotheses being manifestly unacceptable", he adds.

The centrists recall that, at the request of the European Central Bank, the President of the COF determined that for "four additional weeks, all procedural steps will be left over at the COF for the project in question". Even so, Parliament has already received the opinion requested from the BdP on this matter.

Like the JE reported the opinion stresses that “the object of the diploma is a matter of national competence, therefore it is up to the national sovereign bodies to decide”, stressing that “it is appropriate not to place excessive restrictions in order not to limit the recruitment capacity in excess”.

New Bank on the 'hot seat' again

COF's agenda will not only be made by Banco de Portugal, since the Left Block's request for the Ministry of Finance to provide “urgently”All documents that support the capital injection at Novo Banco.

“The parliamentary group of the Left Bloc requires, as a matter of urgency, that the Government, through the Ministry of Finance, send to this commission all documents that bind and / or guide the State in the process of injecting public funds into Novo Banco , through the Resolution Fund (FdR), including those related to the State aid process no. SA.49275 ”, can be read in the request signed by deputy Mariana Mortágua, to which the JE had access, delivered to Parliament last week.

The blockade deputy recalls that the FdR has already sent to the Assembly of the Republic at the request of COF, the Novo Banco purchase and sale contract and the agreement that instituted the contingent capital mechanism. However, Parliament considered that the information was insufficient and proceeded with the request for the entity chaired by Luís Máximo dos Santos to send the shareholder agreement, signed between this entity and the North American fund, Lone Star, which controls 75% of the Novo Banco, and the servicing agreement signed between FdR and Novo Banco in 2018.

Mariana Mortágua had already formally questioned the Government regarding "the materialization of possible contingencies associated with various aspects of the Novo Banco sale operation (REQPG 21002-2020)", but the deputies will now vote on the request for the formal submission of more information by the Executive .

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