Chega is officially a member of the far-right European family

André Ventura's party officialized its connection to the European family of Le Pen, Salvini and Wilders, Identity and Democracy.

Chega officialized its connection to the European far-right family, Identity and Democracy (ID), which has parties in several European Union countries, such as the National Front in France, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the Northern Italian League or the Dutch Party for Freedom (VVD).

The accession of the Portuguese party was made official this Wednesday, July 1st, but the invitation was made on June 10th. André Ventura, leader of Chega, confirmed on Saturday the union, saying that “it is an honor to do politics alongside great politicians like Matteo Salvini” and expressed “an enormous pride that, in such a short time, Chega is already considered as very appealing to European political groups”.

According to the same publication, the president of ID, Gerolf Annemans, was “confident that the friendship between Chega and the members of the ID party will continue to strengthen over the years”, this in a letter addressed to Ventura.

The ID is the fourth largest of the eight groups that make up the European Parliament. It is made up of 76 MEPs from 10 countries, all members of nationalist, Eurosceptic, populist and anti-immigration parties.


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The Prime Minister, António Costa, reiterated that this is a budget that bets on the National Health Service (SNS) and on social protection and was available to welcome proposals from the parties in the specialty.

OE2021 approved in general with abstaining from the PCP, PAN, ENP and non-attached deputies

Unsurprisingly, in view of what had already been announced, the State Budget proposal for the next year received the votes against PSD, CDS-PP, Chega and Liberal Initiative, as well as the Left Bloc bench.