ASPPM accuses António Costa of resigning from responsibilities when he delegated “beach problem”

The Socio-Professional Association of the Maritime Police (ASPPM) considered today that the Prime Minister, António Costa, “resigned from his responsibilities” by “endorsing the captaincies and municipalities to solve the problem” of concentration of people on the beaches, following the pandemic.


The ASPPM says, in a statement, that “successive governments have done nothing to modernize and adapt police resources to current requirements”, and, in the case of the Maritime Police, the “false dual use argument” - in which “90% of the effective ”Of this security force is“ involved in operational service because it has the support ”of the Navy - it does not“ serve peace, tranquility, nor public security in the coastal area ”.

In April, the prime minister said, in a statement to the weekly Expresso, that "the municipalities and captaincies will have to take the necessary measures so that we can go to the beach without an overcrowding".

The ASPPM considers that the head of the Government “resigned from his responsibilities as governor, by endorsing the captaincies and municipalities to solve the problem of the beaches”.

The association adds that the Maritime Police "is not a municipal police, nor the police of the port captain", and that, in the "current context, it is a guarantee of security as a criminal police body".

The Maritime Police “has survived at the expense of the effort and dedication of its professionals, and, above all, working hours far beyond what is established, and other rights that are basic in police counterparts”, stressed the ASPPM.

“Unfortunately, and again, the events of the last weekend on the beaches of Cascais and Sintra, reinforce what the ASPPM has been denouncing over the past few years, about the existence of the Maritime Police in the state in which it is located. ”, Crease the note.

At issue is, according to information given to Lusa on Sunday by a PSP source, a feud that occurred on Saturday at Tamariz beach in Estoril, with about 10 people, in which two young people were assisted by unspecified injuries, without having been the perpetrators of the attacks were identified.

According to several media outlets, which released an amateur video of the feud, the two young men were stabbed. According to the Correio da Manhã, they are 15 and 16 years old.

The video shows several people involved in the attacks and dozens of others watching, startled.

The mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, said that "there was no proper coordination between the Maritime Police and the PSP, especially when the military of the Maritime Police were diverted to another beach in a neighboring municipality where disagreements arose".

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