Average rental price rose close to 2% in September

Viana do Castelo, Viseu, Porto and Aveiro were the districts that presented the greatest variation in the average price. Conversely, Bragança recorded the biggest drop in the average rental price compared to August, according to data from the Imovirtual portal.

The average price of rents in Portugal increased by 1,74% in September, compared to the previous month, from 1.032 euros to 1.050 euros, according to data published by the real estate portal Imovirtual this Wednesday, October 21 .

Unsurprisingly, Lisbon continues to lead the list of most expensive districts with rents reaching 1.355 euros in September, showing a slight growth of 0,67% compared to the month of August, where the values ​​were 1.346 euros. The districts of Viana do Castelo (5%), Viseu (3,64%), Porto (3,14%) and Aveiro (3,03%) were those that presented the greatest variation in the average price in the month under analysis.

Conversely, Bragança (-20%) with 373 euros recorded the biggest drop in the average rental price compared to August. In addition to Bragança, Portalegre, Guarda, Bragança and Castelo Branco, with 310 euros, 331 euros, and 395 euros, respectively, were the other districts where the price fell more sharply.

If we look at the year-on-year variation in 2019 in the lease, there was a 7% decrease from 1.129 thousand euros in September 2019 to 1.050 euros in September 2020.

Buying a house in Lisbon costs on average 536 thousand euros 

With regard to the average price of housing for purchase, September stood at 339.680 thousand euros, while in August it had been 339.799 thousand euros, a decrease of 0,04%. The most expensive district to buy a house in Portugal remains Lisbon, where the average is around 536 thousand euros, having registered a decrease of 0,49% compared to the month of August.

The remaining districts with the highest purchase prices are Faro (443.765 thousand euros), the Autonomous Region of Madeira (315.775 thousand euros) and Porto (306.659 thousand euros). However, Portalegre was the district with the largest monthly increase (3,98%), from 113.469 thousand euros in August to 117.987 thousand euros in September, followed by Beja (2,96%), Santarém (2,95%) and Viana do Castelo (2,65%).

Looking at the year-on-year change in 2019 in property sales, there was an increase of 4,87%, from 323.894 euros to 339.680 euros.

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