Plataforma Civico BA6 approved the constitution of a future civic association against the airport in Montijo

According to a statement from this organization, the proposed statutes were unanimously approved at the meeting in question and the installation committee (annex), composed of 16 members, was elected.

The 'Civic Platform BA6 No' held at the end of last week, October 22, the constituent assembly of the future 'Civic Association The People First', NGO - Non-Governmental Organization, to continue fighting against the location of Montijo as a future airport complementary Lisbon.

According to a statement from this organization, the proposed statutes were unanimously approved at the meeting in question and the installation committee, composed of 16 members, was elected.

“The assembly reaffirmed the opinion, increasingly broad and consensual, that the current situation we are experiencing (pandemic and low tourism, in particular) justifies the end of this attempt to impose, in the region and the country, a terrible solution or rather, a non-solution, for the constraints of the Humberto Delgado Airport and for the interests of Portugal ”, underlines a statement from this future civic association.

According to this document, “the persistence in a bad solution, which only satisfies the interests of the multinational Vinci, aims to perpetuate and further aggravate the risks for the populations, for their health and safety instead of allowing a sustainable and sovereign development of Portugal ”, adding that“ persisting at the complementary airport on BA6 do Montijo contrasts with all the speeches that the government develops in a kind of narrative: 'now it will be' ”.

"The announcement, in parallel, of large sums contained in the Recovery and Resilience Plan, in the PNI 2030 and in the community funds, contrasts and opposes the persistence in the Montijo / BA6 option", defend the leaders of this new association, adding that country “has a solution for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area region: the construction, in stages, of the new Lisbon airport on public land, at the Alcochete Shooting Range”.

“The NAL [New Lisbon Airport], according to the Strategic Environmental Assessment carried out by LNEC [National Civil Engineering Laboratory], has all the instruments, including financial ones, to be taken up: it has a government decision, it is registered in the contract of concession, has pre-projects and financial calculation. Most importantly, it has an Environmental Impact Statement, in force until December 9, 2020 ”, recall the heads of this future civic association.

Those responsible until now 'Plataforma Civico BA6 Não' insist that, “as it is in the contract, the financing of the NAL will always have the same origin: the airport fees resulting from the operation and stipulated (its principles) in that same concession contract” .

“What is required of the Government and APA [Portuguese Environment Agency] is not to allow the expiry of the favorable conditioned DIA [Environmental Impact Statement], proceeding with its extension, as in the previous extensions since 2010, the date on which it was issued ”, Advocate the members of this organization.

According to those responsible, “Portugal and the Portuguese will not be 'orphans' of solution and the country has everything to gain”, warning that “the recent news about the ongoing investigations can pronounce the eventuality of irregularities and mishaps denounced by the Civic Platform for a long time ”.

“It is time, in the name of common sense and prudence, to end this bad option”, recommends the same document.

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