President of the Order of Nurses says that OE does not provide funds for these professionals

“We look at the State Budget and we do not see any increase or money there to allocate to these professionals”, whose profession is “quick wear”, recalled the nurses' representative, Ana Rita Cavaco.

Photo: Cristina Bernardo

The president of the Order of Nurses, Ana Rita Cavaco, considers that the preliminary version of the State Budget for 2021 (OE2021) does not provide funds to be allocated to these professionals.

Speaking to journalists, after a meeting with the President of the Republic, Ana Rita Cavaco explained that there is an “absence of strategy for nurses” who are “absolutely tired, unmotivated, a little fed up with empty promises”. "We look at the State Budget and we do not see any increase or money there to allocate to these professionals", whose profession is "quick wear", said the nurses' representative.

Regarding the proposal of nursing students to participate in the screening of Covid-19, Ana Rita Cavaco said that “it doesn’t make sense not to have a strategy, that’s what we explained to the President, that the autumn winter plan is actually good on paper already we had said that, but at the moment there is no operationalization ”.

“We had eight months to prepare all these measures, everything that is happening now in our day-to-day lives, namely in the health centers, without vaccines when the flu vaccination season started, in fact the three Orders are making a communication campaign ”, recalled the president of the Order of Nurses who believes that“ it is not enough for the government to say that there are vaccines for everyone ”.

"Then, yesterday we all saw that effectively the vaccines that arrived at the health centers do not arrive, have already been used up and have no expected delivery date and what is an absence of strategy," said Ana Rita Cavaco.

Other unresolved issues refer to retirement age and career advancement. "Nurses were never awarded points, never had their career thawed and above all the Order has been helping to send data since the beginning", recalled Ana Rita Cavaco.

Regarding Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa's response, the president of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros said that the head of state “said that it was important to revisit all these questions that he knows is not the first time that they are being discussed here and that in fact they are very important and spoke about the important role of specialization in nursing ”.

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