PremiumBCG: “A company's success is measured by the return it brings to society”

Miguel Abecasis, managing director and senior partner at BCG in Lisbon, believes that the pandemic has accelerated the change that was already underway in the way companies evaluate success.

Miguel Abecasis believes that the financial return for shareholders is just one among several factors that make a company successful.

What is your assessment of the first semester in terms of the management consulting business?
We can say that it was a semester with great challenges, both in terms of internal adaptation and in supporting the evolution of our customers towards remote and / or hybrid working models. In this context, we are very pleased with how quickly we were able to adapt, taking advantage not only of our “classic” model based on very focused teams, but also of several tools with which we have been transforming the way we work now. a few years ago. It was also impressive the resilience of many of our clients, with whom we were able to make this journey of transforming practices, and who are now much stronger, better prepared to work in hybrid contexts and with a much higher capacity and speed to embrace digital transformation. .

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AHRESP understands that the circulation ban does not apply to reservations previously made

However, because doubts persist about the interpretation of this standard, the association of restaurants and hotels guarantees that it will question the tutelage on the matter.

CGD's CEO defends that bank consolidation will take place “in the next two years”

Banking consolidation could be driven by the results of banks in the coming quarters, defended the CEO of CGD, who believes that a public bank must be large in order to be relevant in the market. BCP argues that the consolidation will be cross border. Capital increases to overcome the crisis? BCP's CEO and BPI's CEO reject this need.

Novo Banco has a loan portfolio of 100 million for sale

The revelation was made at a conference to talk about the “bank of the future”, organized by Negócios, António Ramalho joked when talking about the NPL portfolio that is already on sale: “it’s not called 'Nata 3' because we thought it was good to call this with names more connected to rugby players. Which became fashionable after my colleague [Miguel Maya] launched two processes on the market based on rugby ”.