Biden, Obama and Ivanka Trump: Florida is 'battleground' this week

The state can be decisive for the outcome of the November 3 elections. The polls are not conclusive, so both Democrats and Republicans are directing all efforts to the south of the country.

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden will campaign this Thursday in Florida, one of the 'battlegrounds' of these presidential elections, scheduled for November 3, where, according to a poll released Monday, is tied with the president, Republican Donald Trump.

Florida will also host this week ex-President Barack Obama, who asks for the vote for Biden, his vice president for two terms, and Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to the president - which shows the urgency of the tiebreaker in that state .

Polls show that Biden beats Trump at the national level, but in Florida the difference between the two is narrower. A poll released Monday by CBS indicates that 50% of likely voters in this state choose Biden as their candidate, while 48 choose Trump, a difference that falls within the poll's margin of error.

According to official figures, 40% of people registered to vote in Florida have already done so in advance, either by post or by early vote at the polls, which means that they can no longer change it.

The CBS poll indicates that Biden is the leader among those who have already voted, while Trump is ahead among those who have not yet voted, forcing an intensified democratic effort. Another poll, this time from Rasmussen Reports, attributes a 4 percentage point advantage to Trump - which is to say that everything is open.

In the 2016 elections, Trump was the most voted candidate in Florida by just one percentage point over Democrat Hillary Clinton, but in 2012 and 2008 the people of that state preferred Obama.

Florida gives its top candidate 29 votes at the Electoral College, which could decide the winner of the American presidential election.


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