PremiumBig Four control viruses and donations with applications

Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC have created solutions that allow you to manage tests in municipalities or receive alerts about infected people.

Less than two months after the first cases of coronavirus in the country were confirmed and the Portuguese were already able to contribute to the containment of the outbreak via mobile phone. Along with the telecommunications operators, the major global consultants met with the scientific community to create applications that could prevent the spread of the virus and demonstrate technological strength in a context of crisis. Many are named after a unicorn behind: Outsystems.

Deloitte prepared the response to the pandemic with a panoply of solutions whose target audience is mainly municipalities and decision makers. This is the case of CitySynergy, for the operational management of cities, which organizes the testing services to Covid-19 under the responsibility of the municipalities, making these schedules and giving the municipality a real-time perspective on contamination cases.

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