Bill Gates asks that drug against Covid-19 be distributed “among those who need it most” and not to the “biggest bidder”

"We need leaders to make these difficult decisions about distribution based on heritage, and not just factors driven by the market," he explained at a conference that had Covid-19 as the central theme of the debate.

Philanthropist and billionaire Bill Gates called for drugs against Covid-19 and a possible vaccine to be made available to countries and people who need them most, not to the “best bidder”, arguing that relying on market forces would prolong the deadly pandemic.

"If we let medicines and vaccines reach the highest bidder, instead of the people and places where they are most needed, we will have a longer, more unfair and more deadly pandemic," said Microsoft founder Gates in a released video. this Saturday during a virtual conference on the pandemic organized by the International AIDS Society.

"We need leaders to make these difficult decisions about distribution based on assets, not just factors driven by the market," he explained.

With hundreds of vaccine projects underway and governments in Europe and the United States investing billions of dollars in research, testing and production, there is concern that wealthier nations will be able to access promising drugs against the new coronavirus more quickly, leaving developing countries empty-handed.

The scenario already occurred at the beginning of this month when the United States announced the purchase of almost all of the stock for the next three months of the drug to be remitted to the company Gilead Sciences. Remdesivir was the first drug authorized in the United States to treat critically ill patients with covid-19.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced, in a statement, that the purchase of more than 500 thousand doses of the medicine was assured, which corresponds to 100% of Gilead's production expected for July (94.200 doses) , 90% of production in August (174.900 doses) and 90% of production in September (232.800 doses).

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Presidential: Ferro says voting on Sunday is an act of resistance against the virus

“Voting is an indeclinable obligation that the current circumstances do not prevent, as we could see last Sunday, with the high participation of those who previously exercised their vote. Voting is one way of defending the Republic and democracy. Voting is also a form of resistance ”, maintains the President of the Assembly of the Republic.

President of the Republic agrees to close schools and universities: “It's a good solution”

The Government is preparing to decide today to close schools and universities as of Friday, according to an executive source cited by Lusa. Portugal hit yesterday the worst day in deaths and infections since the pandemic began 10 months ago.

Government decides today to close all schools from Friday

The Government will decide today, in the Council of Ministers, the closure of all educational establishments, from Basic to Higher, with effect from Friday, said the executive source.